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Zero Textbook Cost Courses: Welcome

Guide for Butte College community on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Zero Textbook Cost classes (ZTC).
ZTC stands for Zero Textbook Cost. Butte College offers a growing number of these courses. How do you find them? Look for any course marked in the class schedule with the symbol on the right (an open book with a crossed out dollar sign). For these courses there should be no cost for any book associated with your course. Sometimes there is no required textbook for the course. Other times, an instructor will provide you with free online materials. If you have any questions, please clarify with your instructor. 

Butte College Statistics

Butte College ZTC by the Numbers

By Rachel Arteaga CC BY 4.0

ZTC by the numbers at Butte College: $665,860 saved in fall 2020; 166 classes (Fall 202020); 394 sections (Fall 2020); 3 degrees and one certificate; How many more courses will be added?

What Are Open Educational Resources (OER)?

YouTube Video: Why Open Education Matters

Why Open Education Matters. David Blake. CC BY.

Zero Textbook Cost Logo Information

ZTC logoWant to know if a class has a zero textbook cost? When you search for classes, you can now limit to "Only Show Low Cost Classes." Simply check the box on the "Search for Classes" page and continue with your search. Classes with the Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) icon will appear. These classes will not have a cost associated with a textbook. The icon appears right after the “purchase textbook(s)” link for the class. Click on "Purchase Textbook" for further information about specific class information. 

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