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Faculty: Test Proctoring

Information for faculty about copyright.

Test Proctoring Request Form


Test Proctoring at Chico Center Library has become an increasingly attractive option for faculty and students. During a typical academic year we administer over 950 classroom tests and 650 online class tests to students. The CHC Library also administers a wide range of national and state standardized exams (including Computer-Based Testing), and exams for outside Colleges and Institutions for a $35 Administration fee. Additionally we also handle DSPS Testing for those students that need Assisted Technology and/or special accommodations.

These guidelines are intended to assure all users of the Chico Center Library that the highest level of test standards are observed. We further pledge that uniform administration, fairness, minimal distraction, and exam security shall prevail.

Responsibilities of CHC Library & Support Testing Center

  • The Testing Center shall furnish a facility and personnel for administering tests during its regular Testing hours of operation.
  • Chico Center Library staff are NOT authorized to interpret examinations or to authorize additional time or aids not specified in the instructor's directions on the Test Proctor Request Form. Faculty are responsible for accurate DSPS testing times (double –time, time and a half, etc.). Our guidelines are the directions provided by the faculty when they make a request.
  • CHC Library provides a secure environment for testing, monitoring of all testing, and secure storage of tests. The Testing room has a one-way glass window through which proctors observe the test takers while they are taking their exams. In addition, there is a microphone in the room with a speaker in the proctor's observation station and a video monitor. All examinations are stored in a locked file cabinet, with access only given to authorized CHC Library & Support Staff.
  • The Testing Center will return examinations to faculty in the manner selected on the Request for Proctoring Services form.

Cheating and Dishonesty

CHC Library staff will report to faculty and the Dean of Students any irregularities during the administration of their tests. Such irregularities may include but are not limited to: suspicion of dishonesty; use of unauthorized aides; and inappropriate behavior. CHC Library reserves the right to exclude persons from its facilities for violating test protocol and policies. Violation of any of our policies may result in a suspension from using the Testing Services at CHC Library. 

Butte-Glenn Community College District

ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE AP 5500 Standards of Student Conduct

L. Cheating, plagiarism (including plagiarism in a student publication), or engaging in other academic dishonesty –Butte College Academic Integrity: Student Responsibilities.

CHC Test Proctoring Hours

M-TH 7:30am - 7:00pm
FR     7:30am - 9:30am

Test Proctoring Procedures

  • To request test proctoring services at Chico Center Library, fill out the form on the left (one per student / per test).
  • Be sure to upload your exam in the form box.
  • Test proctoring for Butte College classes are at no cost. Test proctoring is also available for institutions other than Butte College for a fee.
  • Contact Dan Buzan at 530-879-4366 with any test proctoring questions.
  • For Main Campus proctoring, please refer to CAS.