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Faculty: Library Instruction

Information for faculty about copyright.

Schedule an instruction session:

What is Library Instruction?

Library Instruction is a class session taught by a librarian to help your students find and evaluate the information and sources they need to complete their assignment. Instruction is tailored to the needs of the students based on your requirements. Classes are conducted in our computer lab to provide students with a hands-on research experience. We can teach at Main Campus, Chico Center, Glenn Center or Online. 

What do my students learn?

You can choose the focus of the session for your specific class. Here are some topics we usually teach: 

  • How to find books in the Library's online catalog.
  • How to find scholarly articles in the Library's research databases.
  • How to conduct research for a specific topic or assignment.
  • How to find specific types of information (e.g. statistics, quotations, political maps).
  • How to evaluate resources.
  • Learn about citation formats and styles.
  • Orientation and introduction to the library and its resources.

Do I need to be present during the Library Instruction session?

Yes! Your presence is required and is important because:

  • You will be aware of what your students learn in the session.
  • You will be able to ask questions and guide the session to suit your class needs.
  • Your presence will encourage your students to attend and pay attention during the session.
  • You will maintain currency with the library's resources and search tools.
  • You will be able to provide feedback to the librarian.

Teach online? We can help!

If you teach online we can still offer Library Instruction to your class.  Use the form on the left and select "Online" under the location option.  We can meet with your class, via Zoom, at a specified time.  Check out other services Librarians can offer your online classes by clicking here.