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OER and ZTC for Faculty: How to Find OER

Faculty Guide on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) classes.

OER Repositories and Collections

OER LogoRepositories provide large collections of OER resources that you can search. They often provide useful reviews. Individual collections or OER publishers have also been included in this list. 

Search Google for OER

Searching Google for OER, Consortium LibraryCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY 4.0)

How to Use Google Advanced Search:

  1. Go to Advanced Search (search Google, look under settings, or bottom of page). 
  2. Type in keywords — to search .edu sites add in the keyword box.
  3. Narrow results by usage rights — choose “free to use, share, or modify”  or other choice depending on need.
  4. You will need to verify license and determine exact terms of use.

Discipline Specific Resource Lists

If you want some carefully curated list for you discipline check out the below resources: 

Other Resources

There are many places to find openly licensed multimedia to use in your courses. You can also use free library resources in your classes. And though library resources are in general copyrighted, you can use them in a zero textbook cost class because they are free for students. 

How to Evaluate OER

You should evaluate OER as you would any other resource. Here are some questions to ask when evaluating a resource:

  1. Does the content cover the subject area appropriately?
  2. Is the content accurate and free of major errors and spelling mistakes?
  3. Does the license of the work allow adaptation for the course's needs?
  4. Is the work clearly written and appropriate for the students' level of understanding?
  5. Is the content accessible for all students?

Examples of rubrics for evaluating OER:

Adapted from Iowa State University, University Library's Evaluate OER page.

Creative Commons License  Unless otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Icons by The Noun Project.