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BUS 35 (Stone): Get Started

Getting started with your assignment


Each group will write a factual report on business culture of one foreign country. Each group member must use a minimum of four sources, one of which has to be a print source. Wikipedia is not an acceptable Internet source.



  1. Use the topic guideline suggested by your instructor for background research (Note key facts, write down search keywords for each of your topic and promising sources for further research)
  2. Group main points in logical order and create an outline for your report. (This will help you set the focus and boundary of the research paper.)
  3. Use the library research databases, books, and reputable websites for in-depth research to expand and support each of your outlined key points. (Remember to take note and document sources as you research.)

Use the following worksheet to guide you through the  research process.

Research Databases for Country Background Information

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