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Preserving Your Family History: Where to Start

Made in conjunction with National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, this guide introduces you to preservation of your family's history.

This guide offers a list of resources for further study on both physical preservation practices and oral history projects.

Physical Preservation

If you would like to learn more about preservation practices for various items please see the resources below.

Recursos en Español

Below are some resources in Spanish and other languages. 

Oral History

If you would like to learn more about oral history and interview methods, check out the list of resources below.

Archival Storage

Simple preservation can be accomplished relatively cheaply by removing materials from harmful storage. If you are able to afford archival storage options to protect your items a few companies offering such products are listed below. 

Digitization Services

Often you can digitize a small number of photos and documents relatively cheaply through the use of a library. However, for larger scale projects, or other media types like film reels, you may need to pay for digitization. Below are some companies that offer digitization services for a variety of media types.

Social Media

A few social media accounts to consider following.