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Using the Library Remotely: Use the Public Library Online

This guide will help faculty and students navigate the library resources during full or partial campus closure events.

Online Resources at the Public Library

County library logoThe Butte County Library has some fantastic resources online, and you can access them from home without having to go into the library first.  If you don't already have a library card and PIN, you can just sign up for an e-card, which gives you complete access to all online resources.  The public library offers different services than Butte College does, including:

  • Streaming video with the Hoopla collection, featuring TV shows and movies.
  • Audiobooks!
  • Fun e-books for checkout.
  • Libros electrónicos y audiolibros en español y para niños.
  • Some different databases, including the JobNow/VetNow service to help with job searching and veteran support.

Try out the public library's e-resources and start getting your entertainment (and job help!) for free now.

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