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Subscription to New York Times

Butte College Library now offers free online New York Times accounts for all students, staff, and faculty. This includes unlimited access to as well as mobile apps on tablets and smart phones. accounts are good for one year. If you remain a Butte College community member (current students, staff, and faculty), simply renew your account each year.

Faculty are also eligible for a New York Times in Education account. New York Times in Education provides curated content for a range of disciplines on how to incorporate news content from the New York Times into your curricula. Scroll down on this page for more info. 


Why use the Butte College Library Pass to read The New York Times online?
The New York Times uses a paywall and requires a paid subscription for full access to the site; unsubscribed visitors may only read up to 10 free articles per month. Our Pass gives you free unlimited access to all content on the site, except for a limited number of articles you can view from 1923 to 1980.

Why should I use The New York Times at all?
The New York Times is one of the most well-respected news sources. It reports news on politics, national and California issues, healthcare, elections, science, technology, business, sports, arts and more. 

Can I access The New York Times from off-campus or on a mobile device?
Yes! Once registered you will have full access the website from anywhere. Also download the NYTimes app and sign-in for access on any mobile device. 

How do I set up news alerts from The New York Times?
You can set up email notifications from The New York Times by clicking on "Account" in the upper right hand corner of  You can also get mobile alerts from The New York Times app by accessing your account on the app. 

Why am I asked to log in on some occasions and not others?
Your browser may be clearing its web cache/history. In such cases you will need to log back into, but you can still use your Pass.

NYTimes in Education for Faculty

Access is also provided to New York Times in Education for faculty, which provides resources designed for Educators, such as:

  • Discipline-specific areas of study (more will follow)
  • General Instructional Strategies to promote student achievement
  • Co-Curricular Activities, including events, discussions, and contests
  • A library of curated content from influential educators around the world, recommended articles, and real life teaching applications
  • Note: Access to the New York Times in Education site requires a separate New York Times in Education account. Create an account using your e-mail address at

How to Set-up Your Free NYTimes Account

To activate your free access to The New York Times, follow the instructions below: 

Step 1: go to

Step 2: search for Butte College by typing "Butte" in the search box. 


Step 3: create an account using your email address.  If you've created a New York Times account with your address in the past, click on "Log in here". 

create an account


Step 4: verify your account.  The New York Times will send you a confirmation email at your address.  (Be patient. It may take some time to reach you and may end up in your spam folder.) Once you get it, click the link in the email to complete your registration. 

Step 5: log into The New York Times from anywhere using your new account.  You now have access to website, plus access on any nytimes mobile app.  

Problems?  email