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Laptops: Laptop & Wi-Fi Hotspot

Laptops and Wi-Fi Check-out

The Library has a very limited number of laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots to check out. If you have any of this equipment currently checked-out from a past semester, please return it to any Butte College Library location.  Please email or call 530-879-4017 if you need to make arrangements to return the equipment.

student laptops

Items for Check-out


Dell Latitude 13 (3350 or 3380)

  • Includes attachable mouse, laptop case, a 2-piece AC power adapter and a laptopHotspot
  • Software includes MS Office and Adobe Suite
Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Includes case, power cord, and the device

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a currently enrolled student with a student ID or other photo ID.
  • Your library account must be in good standing.
  • User Agreement Tutorial must be completed before initial check-out (tutorial found on the left of the page).

Checking Out Equipment

  • You will be required to show a Student ID or other photo ID at the time of check-out.
  • The check-out period for Laptops and Wi-Fi devices is semester-long.
  • Laptops and Wi-Fi Hotspots can be checked out at the following locations
    • Chico Center - CHC 219
    • Glenn Center - Front Counter
    • Main Campus - Circulation Desk‚Äč

Returning Equipment

  • Equipment must be returned to library staff at one of these locations:
    • Chico Center - CHC 219
    • Glenn Center - Front Counter
    • Main Campus - Circulation Desk
  • Do not leave equipment unattended at the counter or return items to drop box.
  • Returning equipment can take up to 15 minutes, allow extra time for this process.
  • You must remain until check-in process is complete.
  • Please notify staff of loss, damage, or defect when returning the equipment.

Security & Use

  • Student is responsible for all equipment.
  • Student should never leave the equipment unattended, even in the library.
  • Student should never lend equipment to another person.
  • Student should never checkout the equipment for another person.
  • You are not permitted to remove/install software, create user accounts, or tamper with the device in any way, and doing so will result in fines and possible denial of future use.
  • Library reserves the right to deny check-out privileges based on account history.
  • Laptops are to be used for academic purposes only, and are not intended for socializing, gameplay, or other purposes that are unrelated to course work.
  • Butte Community College is not responsible for loss of data due to malfunction, or any viruses transferred to a personal device.
  • Data is deleted upon shutdown (use a flash drive or web storage to save your work).
  • You can call the reference desk at 879-4024 for basic troubleshooting, however, by checking out the equipment we assume you have a basic understanding of how the equipment works.
  • Library staff is not responsible for instruction on using the equipment.
  • Technical support for the Wi-Fi Devices should be directed to the number and email on the device. 

Loan Period & Fines

Laptop Wi-Fi

Loan Period -Semester-long

Renewals - Not Allowed

Grace Period - 1 Week

Maximum Late Fine - $100.00 per item

Lost Item Fee - $1300.00

Loan Period - Semester-long

Renewals - Not Allowed

Grace Period - 1 Week

Maximum Late Fine - $100.00 per item

Lost Item Fee - $250.00

  • The overdue fee and service fees are nonrefundable. If the item(s) are returned immediately and in perfect working order, the Lost Item Replacement Fee is refundable.
  • The replacement cost for damaged or partially damaged equipment (see item parts listed in Items for Check-out) will be up to $1000 (cost depends on the damaged part).


  • I accept responsibility for damage to or loss of laptop equipment checked out to me and I agree to report any damage or loss to Butte College Library personnel when returning equipment.
  • I also understand that if the laptop or any accessory is lost, damaged or stolen, while it is checked out to me, I am financially responsible for all replacement costs.
  • I understand that any unpaid equipment fees may affect my ability to register for classes, obtain transcripts, and/or graduate.
  • If asked, I agree to return all equipment to the Butte College Library promptly upon request.
  • I have read and agree to all the terms listed in the Butte College Library Laptop and Wi-Fi Hotspot User Agreement.