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Women's History Month 2022: Women's History Month, 2022

Resource guide for Women's History Month 2022

Two African American WWII Nurses' AidesThe theme for this year's Women's History Month is “Providing Healing, Promoting Hope,” in recognition of the caregivers, health care workers, and all the ways women have provided healing and hope for their communities throughout history. The resources selected on this guide are both general women's history and where possible in reference to this year's theme. Because of the current events in Ukraine we have also included a section on women in armed conflicts. In recognition of the fight for women's rights across the world there is also information about women in a global context.

Butte College's QRC (Queer Resource Center) and CCC (Culture and Community Center) have put together resources and information on Women's History Month. Check their site out for Butte related celebrations. 

Image credit: Two African American WWII Nurses' Aides, National Museum of American History, CC0

Recommended Reading List

Below you will find a small selection of books about women's history in general and this years theme "Providing Healing, Promoting Hope." Check the location to see if the book is available online or in print in the library.

More Resources

There are lots of other options besides books if you would like to learn more about suffrage and women's rights in America. Here are a few selected resources to get you started.