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ENGL 2 (Hart): Library Resources

Research guide for English 2. Diane Hart's class.

Library Resources

To access both books and databases make sure you use Butte College Library's website. For a list of databases you can go directly to our database page

Recommended databases

Butte College has over 50 databases to choose from. SIRS, CQ Researcher, and Issues & Controversies are good places to find a topic and get some background information on a broad topic. Other databases such as EBSCOHost Combined and ProQuest Research Library offer peer reviewed articles covering a wide variety of topics. There are also discipline specific databases that are even more specialized. Read the description of the database or limit by subject to find a database right for your research. Below are some recommended databases. Also included are the directions for accessing the New York Times. 

You can read the box below for more information on searching for articles in databases. 

Finding Scholarly Articles in Library Databases

How to Search a Database

When doing research for a paper, you will get your best results by using good search techniques. We are all used to using Google to find things easily, but Google is not the best tool for the first steps of college-level research. It's much more efficient and productive to use library databases, and to learn a few good skills so that when you do use Google, you can use it effectively.

First, let's learn more about searching for scholarly articles:

Learn to use keywords to search well:

As you search, think about:

  • Do you need to broaden your search out, or narrow it down to a tighter focus?
  • As you search, you'll see synonyms or similar terms that may be useful. Write them down and try them out.
  • Try different combinations of words. Good research involves many searches, not just one.
  • If you are only getting a few results in a search, check your spelling. Databases can't correct for misspellings.

The library has many videos on research skills and using particular databases. See more videos about research skills here!

How to Find Books in the Library

To find books in the library simply click on the books tab on the library main page

library search box

If the book is a print book you will see a physical location listed and a call number for the book. Use the call number to locate the book. To find online books see the instructions below.

book with location

How to Search for Ebooks in the Library Catalog

It's easy to search for ebooks in the library catalog. Simply follow the steps below or watch our video tutorial. 

  1. Go to the library homepage and click on the books tab. 

Library search box

  1. Type in your search terms and click the magnifying glass icon. 
  2. On the search results page you will see in the left hand column options to filter your search. Limit your search results to "Available online" or "Electronic books."


  1. Results should now be limited to electronic books. They will say "Available online."
  2. Click on the record and then click on the link under "Full text availability."

full text availability